A grader foreman is responsible for overseeing the grading operations on construction sites or
road projects. Their primary role is to ensure that grading activities are carried out efficiently,
accurately, and in accordance with project specifications and safety standards.

1. Supervise and coordinate grading operations, including the operation of heavy
equipment such as graders, bulldozers, and compactors.
2. Plan and schedule grading activities, taking into consideration project timelines,
resource availability, and weather conditions.
3. Interpret project plans, drawings, and specifications to determine the grading
requirements and ensure compliance.
4. Direct and guide grading crew members, providing clear instructions and assigning
tasks to ensure smooth workflow and productivity.
5. Conduct regular inspections of grading work to verify quality, accuracy, and adherence
to project specifications.
6. Monitor and enforce safety protocols, ensuring that all workers follow safety guidelines
and use personal protective equipment (PPE).
7. Collaborate with project managers, engineers, and other stakeholders to address any
issues or changes in the grading plan.
8. Maintain records of daily activities, including progress reports, equipment usage, and
labor hours.
9. Conduct equipment inspections and routine maintenance checks to identify any
operational issues and arrange for repairs or replacements as needed.
10. Train and mentor grading crew members, providing guidance on equipment operation,
grading techniques, and safety practices.

1. Previous experience in grading operations, with a strong understanding of grading
principles, techniques, and equipment.
2. Excellent knowledge of construction site safety protocols and the ability to enforce
safety standards effectively.
3. Proficient in interpreting project plans, drawings, and specifications related to grading.
4. Strong leadership and communication skills to effectively manage and direct a team.
5. Ability to multitask, prioritize tasks, and adapt to changing project demands.
6. Familiarity with heavy equipment operation and basic maintenance procedures.
7. Problem-solving and decision-making abilities to resolve issues and make sound
judgments on-site.
8. Physical fitness and stamina to work in outdoor environments and withstand demanding
work conditions.
9. High school diploma or equivalent. Additional certifications or training in grading or
construction management is a plus.

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